KODAK Shoe Art Film

About Us

Avatrex™ is the manufacturer of KODAK Shoe Art Film, a flexible graphic film for shoes that can be printed using your inkjet printer.

Until now, the only way to create custom shoes was to have a manufacturer make custom shoes for you. Now, you can put any design or photo on your shoes by printing to KODAK Shoe Art Film. No more paying hundreds of dollars for custom kicks, now you can create your own custom shoes in minutes for less than $20!

KODAK Shoe Art Film was created by industry experts with over 100 years of combined experience creating products that work on your inkjet printer.

Our goal was to allow anybody with an inkjet printer to create custom shoes and show off your creativity. So "Talk While You Walk" today and join the KODAK Shoe Art Film family!

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We hope you have fun, get creative and show off your style!

Utopia Digital Technologies, Inc. is the sole licensed partner of Eastman Kodak Company

Avatrex™ is the sole licensed partner of Eastman Kodak Company

KODAK Shoe Art Film is made using Avatrex™, the world's first transportable graphic technology, developed by Utopia Digital Technologies, Inc.  Avatrex™ is a trademark of Utopia Digital Technologies, Inc.

Avatrex is a the world's flexible transportable graphic technology by Utopia Digital Technology, Inc.